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I have always loved animals. I grew up in a house filled with every kind of domestic animal imaginable from dogs and cats to hamsters, birds and rabbits. I was invariably the one finding and rescuing unwanted kittens and puppies.

My interest in dog training started as a child while assisting my father in training our three Dobermans. I found the relationship that was built between us and the dogs truly inspiring and something that came naturally to me. We worked with respect and trust, building a solid foundation for learning to occur.

I keep up to date with the latest training methodology and techniques by attending courses and trainings as well as through extensive reading and research. I believe that you can never know it all. I have assisted at a number of puppy schools and thoroughly enjoy seeing owners and their puppies develop a bond while learning and having fun together.

  • Positive reinforcement training for your puppy one-on-one

  • Training for your older dog using positive training methods

  • Assessments of your new puppy or dog
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